Absolute Courier is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction. We provide air freight services to the Tampa Bay area. We moved our headquarters to the present location in Tampa, Florida to offer our customers a more centralized base of operations as well as over 12,000 sq. ft of warehouse space. These changes improve our ability to provide the best in customer care and very competitive rates.We are staffed with air freight trucking professionals, offering experiences acquired since 1975. As we add staff, each is trained to the Absolute way...which simply means: Communication. As a result, Absolute is a threat to our competitors. Our communication skills are the reason we have developed and grown as a small business. These skills compliment the services we provide. The one concept we have learned and continue to thrive on, is that you are only as good as your last delivery. It doesn't matter if it is a big piece or small, it MUST be delivered ON TIME.